Aga19791979, 20 , Polska nie patrz na ładność tylko w serce
Aga19791979, Poznan
Joanna, 36 , Polska Jestem kobieta, 36 , Szukam mężczyzna od 27 do 40
Joanna, Lublin
Ela, 48 , Polska My name is Ela. I am a christian, sincere, sensitive and tolerant. I like nature and actively spending my free time. I like to read the Bible and others interesting books and watch valuable movies. I would like to find a mature man, who belives in God and is ready to create a family based on love...
Ela, Radom
Oksana, 33 , Polska I'm romantic girl with open heart and mind. They say love shoots in the very heart. After you can be hurt a lot or can be cured forever with the love of your true and only match. I do believe my heart will be cured... Since without love life is meaningless and dull. We can become happy only when we...
Oksana, Gdansk
Julia, 35 , Polska Hi! My name is Julia. I am a student. I came to Poland from Ukraine to study. I am looking for someone from anywhere for a serious faithful relations
Julia, Lublin
Yulia, 33 , Polska Why am I still lonely? Where is my only one? There are the questions we can ask to yourself. And none knows the answer but ourselves. I feel that it's high time for me to look for someone special, for someone to love and care. I have so much love, so much passion to share. Are you ready to accept...
Yulia, Lublin
anna, 35 , Polska Hi there! I am loking for real men , who has got personality, who can be partner for charming nice girl .I am hungry for life... Kisses
anna, Wola Justowska
Lusik, 34 , Polska I'm a sincere person, good sense of humor, yet serious minded as well. I love to experience new things in life and also at the same time I like consistency of regularity in my life, you know stable and predictable with some imagination to branch off with. I'd like to meet the one who can bring much...
Lusik, Lublin
Yulia, 36 , Polska I love picnics, really.. I like going into greens, under the trees and play volleys or other games. It is really good feeling to walk on the grass on your foot.. and lie along on the grass looking to the clouds.. But it's incredible feeling when you do this with someone special, with the only one...
Yulia, Poznan
Anna, 39 , Polska I am a cheerful,warm,pretty girl from Poland looking for my Mr Right?Maybe you are the one for me:)let's check:)Nothing ventured,nothing gained
Anna, Torun
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